Executive Board Members

Dr. Dimitris PapanastasiouManagement Director & Founder
Dr. Dimitris Papanastasiou is an expert in ion optics, ion traps, differential ion mobility and time-of-flight analyzers. He has been involved in basic research, product R&D and several diverse prototype instrumentation development and validation in mass and ion mobility spectrometry. In Fasmatech he is in charge of R&D and IPR.

Management Team

John OrfanopoulosElectronic Engineering
John Orfanopoulos holds a Masters degree from Athens University on Electronics. He leads the Fasmatech electronics team. His expertise include analogue electronics, digital electronics, RF power supplies and system engineering.
Alexander LekkasSoftware
Alexander Lekkas holds a Masters Degree in Medical Physics from Athens University. He is in charge of control and acquisition software development, as well as highly sophisticated ion optical simulation software.