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Fasmatech’s team can embark on simple or complex custom Mass Spectrometry and Ion Mobility related instrumentation projects, from modelling your ion beam experiment to modifying existing systems to designing and constructing entire customized solutions. Learn More
An extensive portfolio of electronics equipment to support advanced MS and IMS experiments is offered. Pulsed high voltage signals, RF & DC PSUs, FPGA platforms and control software can be mixed and matched to satisfy demanding requirements.Learn More
An extensive range of RF and DC ion optical elements, reflectron TOF mass analyzers, quadrupole mass filters, ion trapping technology, ion gating, drift tube ion mobility and differential mobility spectrometers are provided stand-alone or combined to fit your experimental design.Learn More
Fasmatech has introduced unique methodologies to visualize low pressure high speed flows experimentally. Our advanced computational tools can also provide a comprehensive understanding of the gas dynamics and improve interface design.Learn More
Fasmatech is a high technology company, focused on mass spectrometry and ion mobility instrumentation R&D services, custom devices design and manufacturing, ion analysis peripheral technologies and their applications.

Alongside standard ion analysis solutions (e.g. multipole ion guides, quad filters, simple TOF etc) Fasmatech gives access to our academic customers to state-of-art technologies for custom devices. Our leadership in vacuum gas dynamics, modern ion transfer devices, electrodynamic ion optics, high resolution time-of-flight and ion trapping allows us to produce unique solutions to challenging projects.

Our technologies are designed to be modular and can quickly and economically combine to produce the simplest ion guide or a very complex device. Design is informed by state-of-the-art ion optical simulation tools (with gas dynamics integration when appropriate) and many years of commercial and academic experience.

Our customers and collaborators include R&D groups of global mass spec manufacturers, industrial customers and leading academics in Europe, Asia and the US.Learn More


Brunnee Award 500X290


The International Confederation of Mass Spectrometry Societies awarded Fasmatech’s co-founder and CSO Dr. Dimitris Papanastasiou the prestigious Curt Brunnée Award at the IMSC conference in Geneva in August 2014.Learn More


From design to test measurements with the custom-made atmospheric pressure interface, working with Fasmatech has been a rewarding experience and left us with a great new tool to explore combustion chemistry.
Prof. Tina Kasper, Duisburg-Essen University

A very fruitful and productive journey started three years ago: the collaboration with Fasmatech’s team is an experience in itself! A continuous brainstorming, with new ideas and designs discussed and thoroughly tested, provided valuable results in low pressure high velocity flow visualization and numerical simulation.
Prof. Ioannis Nikolos, Technical University of Crete