Fasmatech offers design services and custom engineering solutions of integrated instrumentation platforms to academic and research institutes for applied and fundamental research. The extensive portfolio of technological solutions available to address a diverse set of analytical problems includes:

  • Ionization sources (ESI, APPI, LDI, PTR, EI)
  • Gas dynamically optimized fore-vacuum ion optics
  • Radio-frequency ion guides & collision cells
  • Ion trapping technology
  • Re ectron time-of-flight mass analyzers
  • Ion mobility spectrometers

Performance Achievements

  • Multiply charged radical ions formed by electron irradiation of MALDI ions stored in a novel linear ion trap
  • Enhanced CID efficiency in rectangular RF trapping fields
  • Sensitivity in the low amol range

Multiply charged radical ions formed by electron irradiation of insulin-B ions generated by MALDI.

Slow Heating CID of coronene – single carbon atom loss.