What measures ​are we ​​taking at Fasmatech regarding the Coronavirus?

The health of our employees and customers ​is very important to us, and all our colleagues ​will be observing the hygiene requirements that have been/are imposed by the national health authorities to protect people. We ​will respect all rules and restrictions that local authorities impose on travel and doing business. ​All efforts will be made to carry out our work as much as possible and the head office remains accessible for all your questions.

What does this mean for the on-site service activities by our engineers?

  • For planned service activities, we will contact customers to check if we can perform service activities on-site. If both the customer and the Fasmatech team agree that the service can be performed, we will plan the activities and send an engineer on-site. If the service visit can not take place, the appointment will be cancelled and postponed until further notice.
  • For service calls that we receive, we will check the priority and ability of our team to perform the service activity. Travel restrictions may result in a delay in service activities.
  • For remote service (telephone or video calls) our service team will continue to provide the support you can expect from Fasmatech.
  • In case of fever or cold of our engineer, the planned appointment ​will be cancelled and postponed until further notice.
  • If our ​Engineer is received by a person with questionable health, he reserves the right to cancel the appointment.

We hope we can rely on your understanding and cooperation. In case of questions, our head office in Athens can be reached at +30 210 6565520 or info@fasmatech.com.