Textbook Chapter contributions

Dr. Dimitrios Papanastasiou, Fasmatech CSO (first author), and Dr. Emmanuel Raptakis, Fasmatech CEO (co-author) contributed chapter 19 in the textbook entitled “Practical Aspects of Trapped Ion Mass Spectrometry- Theory and Instrumentation”. The paper discusses ion cooling is 3D ion traps with variable pressure transient conditions. The textbook was edited by the distinguished Professors Raymond E. March and John F. J. Todd.Amazon Link
A textbook has been published in 2010 with contribution from Fasmatech’s Dr. Emmanuel Raptakis. The textbook has been edited by Prof. Haroun Shah and Prof. Saheer Gharbia of the Centre for Infections, Health Protection Agency, London, UK. The textbook is titled “Mass Spectrometry for Microbial Proteomics” and part of it introduces the subject of microbial identification with MALDI mass spectrometry, in collaboration with the HPA and Anagnostec.Amazon Link