Welcome to Fasmatech

Fasmatech is a high technology company focused on mass spectrometry and ion mobility instrumentation design and development. Custom engineering solutions are offered for the most demanding applications.

Supported by a state-of-the-art ion optical technologies including multipole RF ion guides, quadrupole mass filters, TOF mass analyzers and advanced ion trap designs, Fasmatech is capable of delivering unique instrumentation platforms to academia and research institutes.

Fasmatech’s R&D team are leading the field of low pressure gas dynamics. Based on a unique tracer particle production methodology, the visualization of fast transient flows at low pressure is accomplished with unparalleled precision for the first time. Deciphering the gas dynamical aspects in vacuum interface designs is further supported by advanced computational tools combining Navier Stokes solvers and the Direct Simulation Monte Carlo method.

The ion optical technologies offered by Fasmatech are designed to be modular and can be combined or re-configured to address the most challenging projects.

Who Is Fasmatech

Fasmatech aims to offer its global customers world-class service and innovative solutions in the field of mass spectrometric and ion mobility science and technology. We will achieve our mission through continuous development and engagement of our employees and scientific collaborators, maintaining a global outlook. We aim to become a bright example of ethical business and to contribute in value generation and the advancement of applied scientific and technological endeavour.
Success in scientific R&D in a highly specialized area like mass spectrometry depends on the focus, creativity, hard work and maintaining and growing contact with the best in the field. Selecting the right team, investing in their training and retaining their motivation and commitment is paramount. Being sensitive to customer needs and priorities, giving them ones undivided attention is a recipe for success. Contributing to the local and global society is what makes it all worthwhile. These are the 3 axes on which our business philosophy is based.