Fasmatech offers a variety of products to the mass spectrometry research and development community. Advanced ion optical solutions, RF transfer lines, ion trapping technology, Time-of-Flight mass analyzers and ion mobility platforms can be combined to produce unique instrumentation platforms, supported by state of the art electronics and control software for demanding applications. Learn More
In pursuit of a unique product over the years of instrumentation R&D, Fasmatech’s team has developed a linear ion trap design equipped with an arsenal of ion activation methods for comprehensive analysis of proteins.Learn More
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The Omnitrap among the Top10 2018 Innovations by TheScientist Learn More

Fasmatech is a high technology company focused on mass spectrometry and ion mobility instrumentation design and development. Custom engineering solutions are offered for the most demanding applications.Learn More
The International Confederation of Mass Spectrometry Societies awarded Fasmatech’s co-founder and CSO Dr. Dimitris Papanastasiou the prestigious Curt Brunnée Award at the IMSC conference in Geneva in August 2014.Learn More