March 2013

HTStec has released the results of a survey on Mass Spectrometry-based biological screening assays. Such assays are one of the most promising growth areas for MS instrumentation with a direct link to clinical diagnostics. The questionnaire was compiled to meet the needs, requirements and interests of the MS systems and assays vendor community. The objective was to comprehensively document current practices and preferences in high throughput MS-based biological screening assays, to understand future user requirements, and interest in outsourcing. Equal emphasis was given to soliciting opinion from Pharma, Biotech and Academic Research market segments in both North America and Europe.

Most respondents use or plan to use MS for primary high throughput screening (HTS). Most respondents use the technology in the oncology research area. Small molecules were the direct target of the analysis, however protein-protein interactions were the primary research target. Direct quantitative measurement was considered to be MS’s most attractive attribute, while high instrumentation cost was the main limiting factor.

An executive summary of the survey can be found here. For more information follow this link.