October 2013

Indi (Integrated Diagnostics), a company based in Seattle, USA, announced XPRESYS™ a novel  lung blood test based on protein biomarker analysis with LC-MS technology with potential to help physicians identify more lung cancer nodules as likely benign and more patients as candidates for active surveillance instead of invasive procedures. Using innovative strategy, test does not seek to identify lung cancer; it is ONLY intended to assist physicians identify lung nodules likely to be benign, using advanced MS-based analysis of multiple blood proteins. Published studies suggest protein expression blood test can offer physicians objective molecular data to be used in tandem with traditional lung cancer assessment factors like smoking history and nodule size.

Indi (Integrated Diagnostics), an emerging leader in molecular diagnostics, made the announcement for the availability of Xpresys Lung, a protein expression blood test in a press release found here. The test has the potential to help physicians diagnose more lung nodules as likely benign, thereby increasing the number of patients who can confidently choose serial CT scans of their nodules (“active surveillance”), instead of invasive procedures like surgery and biopsy, that carry significant risks and costs. As they developed the test, researchers at Indi followed an innovative strategy: Xpresys Lung is designed ONLY to assist physicians in identifying lung nodules likely to be benign, and is NOT intended to assist physicians with the identification of lung cancer.