September 2013

Distinguished MIT Professor Greg Stephanopoulos visited Fasmatech R&D facility on 17th of September 2013. Prof. Stephanopoulos was in Athens to address the opening event of the new Greek Chapter of the MIT Enterprise Forum (of which Dr. Emmanuel Raptakis of Fasmatech is a founding member). Prof. Stephanopoulos visited our laboratories, where he was brought up to date with our latest research results and product development activities.

Prof. Stephanopoulos is the Dow Professor of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). His research interests include bioinformatics, biofuels, natural products and the metabolism of cancer.

Amongst other distinctions, Prof. Stephanopoulos has been awarded the 2011 ENI Prize for “Renewable and Non-Conventional Energy” for his pioneering research in the rising field of metabolic engineering aimed at modifying the gene structure of particular bacteria so as to make them more efficient in the conversion of renewable raw materials into hydrocarbons. More details can be found here.