Dr. Diamantis KounadisMechanical Engineering
Dr. Diamantis Kounadis graduated with a BEng from the University of Manchester, Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST), UK. This was followed by a doctoral thesis at University of Manchester focused on using experimental devices for velocity (Laser Doppler Anemometry & Particle Image Velocimetry) and temperature measurement (Thermochromic Liquid Crystals) of gas flows in turbine blades. DK’s research career continued as a Research Associate in the Mechanical Engineering Department of the University of Manchester. DK has also conducted research in the field of aerodynamics for the Hellenic Aerospace Industry. DK’s responsibilities with Fasmatech include engineering design of experimental devices for mass spectrometry and ion mobility spectrometry, and experimental studies of atmospheric and low vacuum gas flow fields in vacuum chambers using particle image velocimetry.