Major Greek newspaper on Fasmatech

Kathimerini, one of the most prestigious Greek daily news papers, has published a piece on scientific entrepreneurship with reference to Fasmatech’s R&D facilities in Lefkippos Technology Park of the Demokritos Research Center.

Ion Analysis Technologies: Diagnostics Beyond Genomics

Arpil 2010
Beyond Genetics: Human Health and Diagnostics Advanced by Ion Analysis Methods
Preserving, monitoring and improving human health is one of the most important concerns of all individuals and societies. From the prominent social position of a shaman in a primitive village to the sizable budgets modern societies have decided to devote to health care, it is without doubt that preserving good health is pretty close to the top of the […]

MS and Diagnostics

January 2010
Mass Spectrometry and Diagnostics: Match Made in Heaven
The measurement of the mass of ionized atomic or molecular species has been around for more than 100 years. For about 50 of them it has come out of the physics lab and into the analytical chemistry realm. More recently, with the establishment of desorption ionization methods mass spectrometry (MS) has taken its first steps into biochemistry research. Some of us think […]