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ASMS 2013

Fasmatech participated in ASMS 2013 with 4 scientists, 5 poster presentations and 1 workshop oral contribution. Fasmatech showcased its leading position in vacuum aerodynamics with new data using particle tracking velocimetry and computational methods, including Navier-Stokes based computational fluid dynamics (CFD and direct simulations Monte-Carlo (DSMC). One of the most rewarding applications of vacuum aerodynamics is the development of the Aerolens(TM), a device designed to accept and condition the jet […]

Fasmatech opens R&D facility in TESPA Lefkippos, NCSR Demokritos

February 2010. Fasmatech establishes an R&D facility in Leukippos Technology and Science Park of Attika (TESPA Leukippos), located in the campus of Demokritos National Centre for Scientific Research (NSCR Demokritos). The campus is found in the Agia Paraskevi suburb of Athens, in a pine-tree forest at the foot of mount Ymittos.

Leukippos houses a number of young, dynamic companies in biotechnology, sensors and other relevant subjects. Demokritos has a number of […]

Textbook Contribution: Practical Aspects of Trapped Ion Mass Spectrometry

Dr. Dimitrios Papanastasiou, Fasmatech CSO (first author), and Dr. Emmanuel Raptakis, Fasmatech CEO (co-author) contributed chapter 19 in a new textbook entitled “Practical Aspects of Trapped Ion Mass Spectrometry- Theory and Instrumentation”. The textbook was edited by the distinguished Professors Raymond E. March and John F. J. Todd.

This is the fourth volume of a series of five in total dedicated to ion trap mass spectrometry and related applications. The work […]

Report on Mass Spec Based Biological Screening Assays

March 2013

HTStec has released the results of a survey on Mass Spectrometry-based biological screening assays. Such assays are one of the most promising growth areas for MS instrumentation with a direct link to clinical diagnostics. The questionnaire was compiled to meet the needs, requirements and interests of the MS systems and assays vendor community. The objective was to comprehensively document current practices and preferences in high throughput MS-based biological screening […]

Fasmatech at BMSS 80/60 Symposium

December 2012

Fasmatech joined the BSMS 80/60 Symposium at the University of Warwick to celebrate the birthdays and distinguished careers of Prof. Keith Jennings and Prof. Jim Scrivens.

This has been an excellent event organized by the British Society for Mass Spectrometry with an impressive list of speakers from academia and industry. The speakers gave an overview of the latest achievement in instrumentation development, and the established and emerging applications of mass […]

University of Duisburg-Essen Installation

October 2012.

Fasmatech successfully installed a custom atmospheric pressure-vacuum interface in the laboratory of Prof. Tina Kasper at the Engineering department of the University of Duisburg-Essen.

The interface is designed to collect ions from a combustion region, it is therefore designed with multiple cooling stages, special skimmer materials and ceramic shields. Ions in the first vacuum region are collected by an ion funnel. The second vacuum region houses a Fasmatech segmented hybrid […]

Fasmatech at IMSC Conference in Kyoto

September 2012

Fasmatech participated in the 19th International Mass Spectrometry Conference held in Kyoto, Japan. The IMSC conference always attracts the best researchers in mass spectrometry and this time too the quality of the presentations and the venue were excellent.

From the instrumentation point of view, the highlights of this meeting were the on-line mass spectrometry-enabled surgical knife presented by Prof. Zoltan Takats and the impressive depth and quality of information from […]

Fasmatech at ASMS 2012

May 2012.

Fasmatech’s team hade a strong presence in the American Society for Mass Spectrometry (ASMS) annual conference in Vancouver, Canada held at the Vancouver Conference Center. Four members of its management team and Prof. Ioannis Nikolos, Fasmatech’s consultant presented 4 scientific posters and consolidated Fasmatech’s leading position in vacuum aerodynamics. The work presented showcased the Particle Tracking Velocimetry methods developed by Fasmatech, featuring proprietary nanoparticle tracers.

Below there are links to […]

Vioryl SA Invests in Fasmatech

Athens, Feb 2011.

Vioryl SA, a chemical and biotechnology company with leading position in the Hellenic and global markets is investing in Fasmatech in a cash-for-shares deal. For over half a century Vioryl heads its way to progress and success holding tight to its principles of expanding knowledge and providing its customers with products of the highest quality, tailor made solutions and innovative ideas. Pursuing a leading position in the global […]

Fasmatech Joins Corallia Cluster

July 2010.

Fasmatech Joins the Corallia Cluster of high tech companies.

Corallia is a Cluster Initiative¬†for boosting competitiveness, entrepreneurship and innovation, through cluster-development support activities.¬†It focuses on knowledge-intensive sectors, with a strong exports-orientation, possessing examples of success stories as inspirational reference, having SMEs as front-runners and using a novel “bottom-up” policy-making approach.

Follow this link to Corallia’s website.